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I am the original owner purchased from AVS. This sat in my closet for quite a few months after I purchased the JVC projector. But, after re-installing the lens, I realized I couldn't live without an anamorphic lens. Now, I want to try an ISCO (prefer a IIIL) or a new XEIT lens.

That being said, I am going to sell my lens to help pay/invest in a new lens. This has served me well. See some pics (below) I took when I was showing my manual slide/mount culled together from Chief projector mounts parts.

I am asking $1,950 for the lens and table stand/attachment shipped and insured to the lower 48 states. Seeing what panamorph 480 lens have sold for recently...I think this is a fair price. (Former 480 owner..there is a comparison thread).

Thanks for looking


I'll take a few pictures more purely focused on the lens.


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