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Hello iam new here, but ive read very interesting information in this forum, thanks for it. My english is not so good, but i will try my best. Now my question/problem. This is my ShortTrow proyector, ...


I have proyection on Wall now, proyectorlense 270cm from picture 16.9 155", and i like to add an Prismasonic Prisma to have the full DLP chip info on Screen Cinemascope movies, with anamorph setting of the proyector. There is no problem when the 16:9 picture is smaller with the Prisma, its big enough for me. If possible, i dont want to move the prisma every time i change format.

I have the possibility to buy an Prismasonic H-1400 good price to do this. Is this a good idea, or do i better forget this? ...dont know if i explained me right. Thx
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