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SOLD Pristine OPPO 105D Region Free Player


Selling a pristine condition Oppo 105D. I had this for about 2 months and used it very sparingly. I bought this at Magnolia AV for $1416.98, selling for 1050.00 plus shipping

Selling because I used only for dedicated music, and upgrading to a more dedicated player.

Comes with all factory packaging and documentation.

OPPO makes multiple universal players. This is their audiophile edition player, meaning:
The unit contains an asynchronous, ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC, with USB2\Coax\Optical inputs, Windows and MAC drivers, and playback for up to 192kHz 32bit and DSD256 via USB.
The unit is designed specifically for 2 channel audio playback with a toroidal power supply for the audio chain & balanced XLR outputs to your amplifier
The unit also has a built-in headphone amplifier with an SE output & very good specs

This is OPPO’s flagship universal player, with Darbee digital video processing, 4K upscaling, dual HDMI inputs and outputs, DVD-A, & SACD playback, local & internet streaming, and a hell of a lot more.

Please see the wiki page and OPPO product feature page for a more comprehensive list of features.

In short, this unit gets you a three things in one box:

OPPO’s top end Blu-ray \ Universal disc player
A complete wireless streaming media center
A reference level USB2 DAC with built in headphone amplifier and DSD support

See the following reviews of this unit (as well as the multiple threads on Head Fi):


This player also has a mod to allow it to play DVDs from other regions.

Payment with PayPal, shipping to U.S. only.


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