Owners of Sony IMAX Enhanced TVs are now able to download the Privilege 4K Movies app that delivers streaming IMAX Enhanced content to home viewers. The rollout of the app began earlier this week.

Concurrent to the app rollout, Sony has a special where anyone who purchases a qualifying TV ( XBR-55A9F , XBR-65A9F , XBR-65Z9F or XBR-75Z9F ) between 4/29/2019 and 5/30/2019 gets a free IMAX Enhanced movie on Privilege 4K.

To get Privilege 4K, owners of eligible devices need only access the Google Play store and then search for Privilege 4K. Once installed, it will be added to the apps menu on the compatible TV and be ready for action.

Mind you, IMAX Enhanced movie titles will also be available on Ultra HD Blu-ray, a boon for viewers who don’t have the bandwidth to support 4K streaming. But the point here is that viewers with compatible Sony televisions will have a streaming option that’s dedicated to IMAX Enhanced.

The big question is what sort of fidelity can you get through streaming when it’s delivered in IMAX Enhanced. I can offer some immediate insight, since I have just recently unpacked a Sony X950G 75" TV  and the first thing I did with it after the initial setup (including switching the picture mode to Cinema) was install the Privilege 4K app and check out the four 5-minute demo clips that are currently available.

Installation of the app took all of 10 seconds on the Sony X950G. I then went through with the registration process. I was rewarded with four previews of IMAX titles: Blue Planet, Galapagos, Space Station, and The Dream is Alive. And also includes a trailer that shows the effects of the noise reduction that’s part of the IMAX Enhanced mastering process.

The demo footage is absolutely stunning; the clarity is such that space shuttle footage shot on analog film has the hyperreal clarity we’ve come to expect from high-resolution digital capture.

Based on these early experiences, I eagerly look forward to watching movies presented with such vibrancy and detail and it absolutely is a reminder that it’s not enough to simply for a system to be able to deliver exceptional fidelity, you need properly mastered content to take full advantage.

The preview for Galapagos reminded me of the clips shown by TV makers at trade shows, used to demonstrate how awesome their TVs are. Rocks and water and lizards and plants all make for great eye candy and the textures revealed on the X950G are almost hyperreal in their definition and clarity. Add the undeniable vibrance delivered by HDR and it really does look like “you are there.”

The 2002 feature, Space Station, drove home the reality that this is next level content that really pops on this X950G TV. It’s clear that the X950G TV is able to render bright objects over the absolute blackness of outer space without triggering any clouding or halos when showing HDR. The overall effect truly delivers an impactful viewing experience, even when streaming.

A few details... There is no monthly fee and you don’t need any credit card information or billing info to use the app. Once your TV is activated, IMAX Enhanced documentaries are available at no added cost. Hollywood movies are obtained with vouchers associated with promotions. I’ll have more details on how it all works as soon as I get into the X950G review, but one thing I know for certain is Venom is one of the movie choices. Please stay tuned for more info.

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