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I am a long time viewer but I just joined up to ask some questions, get some advice, and hopefully get pointed in the right direction.

Brand new home, move in, and the fiance says those magic words that lit me up like a kid on Christmas...

"We need a bigger TV"

We are now the proud owner of a 59" Samsung Plasma D8000. Happened to catch BB Magnolia on a special weekend, and got the TV, BD5500 3d Bluray Player, and "3d Starter Kit" (2 glasses, 5 3D movies) all for just above $2,000 after taxes. It's probably not the best deal of all time, but BrandsMart and Crutchfield had the same set up at time of purchase for over $2,500 so I'm happy with my purchase.

Question Section:

They tried to sell us on a Devon set up. It sounded great in store, but I couldn't justify spending another $1,300 on the set up they were trying to sell me after the TV. We went with a Yamaha YHT495-BL because I wanted to almost have it plug and play, and while I'm a complete Samsung fanboy, down to my phone, the system that was on special at BB just looked cheap, and I've had plenty of Yahmaha products in the past I was happy with. However, my store now has an open box Pioneer VSX-33 for just over $450. The best price I've found online is $550, and that did not include shipping. I have a $50 giftcard, and another $50 credit on my BB card from the bastards taking 3 weeks to deliver a Washing Machine (also Samsung). So it will be cheap for the swap and to pick up another decent HDMI cable. I have some Boston MCS130 Speakers I picked up from a relative's house that they never used, but they misplaced the Sub.

I've read the complaints section on every forum I can find, but I know from experience that the people with good experiences rarely find a forum to post on.

Since price isn't really an issue, does this sound like a good set up? I need the advice because I literally have no clue. It sounds good on paper, but I need practical advice.

Thank you so much in advance for the quick and useful responses!
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