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Hi I am running a dual display setup for my HTPC. One DVI-->DVI to my samsumg monitor and one DVI-HDMI to my SR-606 reciever.

I am using ultramon to run XBMC. Everything works well after I set it up. Under nvidia controls on "Set up Multiple Displays" I have three monitors to choose from. My Samsung monitor. SR-606 (which is my TV) and lastly something called TV That I have no idea what it is and gives a max res of 1024x768. I had used the nvidia config utilit to have the two monitor runs separately with SR-606 being Monitor 2 and XBMC runs on that monitor with Ultramon.

The problem is when I shutdown the comp and turn it on again. Whenever I start the comp after a shutdown...both ultramon and the nvidia config utility assume that this "TV" is my second display and not the "SR-606" so I have to go manually change "display 2" to SR-606 each time. I was wondering is there a way to take the "TV" output out of the nvidia display, cause I have no idea where it is pointing to, or is there a way of telling my system that the default display #2 should always be "SR-606" my receiver. Thanks

btw I am running a PNY 8600gt
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