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Hi *,

I have problems connecting my computer to the Pio919:

I use a DVI to HDMI cable for video and an optical one for the audio signal. At the receiver I deactivated the KURO link, and I configured the TV/SAT input with HDMI1 and OPT1 as inputs. I cycled through the Signal select option and choose the Digital source (that should be my optical input) but I have no sound. The video is there but no sound on my speakers! (I have a TV connected to the Pio through HDMI out a 5.1 Speaker system). If I change to "HDMI through" from the Pio options, I hear the sound, but as expected without any AMP. I also tested the optical input only, without the HDMI (TVSAT only with opt1) and I hear the sound with AMP but have no image as expected.

What am I doing wrong?? Need help!

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