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Problem filling screen on Pio 436 FDE

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I have just bought a Pioneer 436 FDE, and a Cinet HTPC. The Pioneer does not have VGA input, so I have to connect via the HDMI input. The cable I use is a DVI -> HDMI.

OS for the HTPC is Windows MCE

Graphics card is ATI Radeon x300

I have tried different custom resolutions with Powerstrip, but to no prevail. I might not be doing it correct tho, all I have done is tried different resolutions based on other forums I've read.

I also dowloaded the latest Catalyst drivers, and tried the HDTV function inside ATI control centre. That didn't work either.

Please help. I know that some people have gotten it to work, so it is possible.
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What resolutions did you try already? 1280x720?
I've tried several resolutions. According to the manual, the native resolution is 1024x768. This will lead to same results my current resolution 800x600, when I get black stripes on the sides and top.

If I change to 1280 x 720 The screen will exeed the TVs edges. Its either not big enough, or too big.

I'm rather frustrated atm.
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