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Problem getting audio with HDMI on Pioneer HD Plasma PDP R04U

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I have a Pioneer HD Plasma TV (PDP-R04U) that is about 7 years old. I am trying to connect a computer to the TV receiver with an HDMI connection and I am not getting any sound. The connection from the display to the receiver is DVI. I have the HDMI port enabled and can get video but now sound. I currently have a TIVO box hooked up to my TV and cannot get sound out of the HDMI connection in that case either. On the TIVO box it goes through a separate fiber optic digital output. I do not have that option with a computer.

Does anyone know how to enable the sound? Or do I need to get some type of HDMI splitter to separate the audio signal out so I can input it to my amplifier? I would appreciate whatever help you might give. Thanks Ted
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You may want to repost this in the section for Pioneer plasmas. The whole point of HDMI is too keep audio/video together in one cable. If the only connection between the PC and TV is an HDMI cable and the TV has no sound then the issue must be some setting on the PC side. You may need switch some audio settings on the PC. If you have some audio receiver in the middle of all this then that's another issue.
As posted elsewhere, DVI inputs do not accept audio.
I do not believe it is a a DVI issue.

I have an HDMI cable between the PC and TV and I cannot get any sound. I pretty sure the computer settings are correct. I have the sound set on the computer to the HD Plasma. I tried a similar setup with my TIVO box and got the same result. My TIVO box has an HDMI connection and an optical audio out. I had been using the optical connection on the TIVO for my audio with my component cables but I tried it with just the HDMI connection and again got no sound. So, for some reason when I try to use only HDMI input to my TV I get no audio. That is why am why suggested a splitter. But I do not understand what a splitter does.

Thanks for your help
As stated before, if you are running your receiver to the tv with a dvi cable, you wont get audio on the tv.

You say you plugged the pc directly into the tv with hdmi, are you absolutely sure the settings on the computer are correct? That's what that problem sounds like.

And another question, if you have a receiver, why not play the sound from the computer out of the receiver?

And you don't need a splitter. I don't know who suggested that, but that's a totally different situation.
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