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problem getting powerstrip in the right resolutions..

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Just got my panasonic 300e and am trying to get it into native 1:1 resolutions.. namely this one at 50hz (i'm in the uk)

923x519 @ 50 Hz

Front Porch: 268

Sync Width: 56

Back Porch: 76

(Total 1320 pixels)


Front Porch: 13

Sync Width: 28

Back Porch: 4

(Total 564 lines)

The closest i can get it to (having set it correctly first time, then the reboot came and it ended up like this

Horizontal Geometry:

Scan rate: 28.168 khz

Active: 920 pixels (24.894 micro secs)

Front Porch: 256 (6.927 micro secs)

sync width: 56 (1.515 micro secs)

Back Porch: 80 (2.165 micro secs)

Total 1312 (35.502 micro secs)

Vertical Geometry:

Refresh Rate: 49.943 hz

Active: 519 lines (18.425 milli secs)

Front Porch: 13 lines (0.462 milli secs)

Sync Width: 28 lines (0.994 milli secs)

Back Porch: 4 lines (0.142 milli secs)

Total 564 lines (20.023 milli secs)

WHen i try to match ones up to the desired res i get the error ting from windows.. ie. if I try to change pixels to your 923 it does this not allowing me to alter it... please anyone help me.. new to power strip... i have a radeon 9000 ... latest drivers i think...

Not matched exactly means i have the 4 vertical bands down the screen.. visible in fonts and on the moire grid when trying to shutdown windows

I asked in the projector forum but i realise now its more a PC issue than a projector one as its powerstrip, not actual settings for the 300u... also the one its set at at the moment.. doesn't display on my traditional monitor saying its out of range.. this normal!?

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