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Hi there,

I use PowerDVD Ultra Deluxe v7.3.3304 under Windows Vista x64.

My graphics card is an ATI 4870 X2 (Catalyst 8.12).

If I enable Hardware Acceleration in PowerDVD (which means AVIVO when using an ATI card) the picture gets all blurry and sludgy. This problem with ATI cards is not new as I have found several threads on various boards that try to deal with this problem (including here on AVS Forum). Obviously AVIVO is doing some kind of extreme "Noise Reduction" which makes the picture blurry and sludgy. All the registry tweaks that I found didn't work for me (most of them dealt with DVD, not Blu-Ray).

The easiest thing of course would be to just disable hardware acceleration (CPU is powerful enough). Unfortunately PowerDVD doesn't let me deactivate hardware acceleration for Blu-rays. The option is automatically turned on every time I watch a Blu-ray.

My question therefore is: Who has got an ATI card and watches Blu-rays? Which software do you use? Of course I could always play the .m2ts-file in any video player but on the audio side I would loose 7.1 support as well as Dolby TrueHD + DTS-HD.

Is there a player which plays Blu-ray without AVIVO AND is able to play all the new sound formats?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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