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Problem: Radeon 5770 or Samsung PN50C550?

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I have a problem I didn't see and a search was too vague to produce any useful results.

I have a brand new Samsung PN50C550 and other than this problem and the buzzing it's beautiful (when working correctly).

I have an XFX Radeon HD 5770 in an HP p6310y w/ a few modifications.

4 Core Athlon 630 2.8GHz


550W PSU

Windows 7 x64

Updated mobo bios

Updated catalyst drivers

Updated windows...everything.

The Problem(s):

I run my Samsung PN50C550 as a dual monitor of the computer when I want to watch videos. I attach it in addition to my 23" HP LCD.

When I attach the HP through HDMI and the Samsung through VGA/DVI everything is fine except that every time I reset anything (TV or computer) I have to adjust the image to fit the screen or I have black bars on random sides of content (not just top/bottom). This gets very tedious.

When I attach the HP through VGA and the Samsung through HDMI (the more reasonable solution for me since the HDMI cable is MUCH longer) the screen flickers and there are red lines/dots everywhere.

The other problem that the card is producing is that the mouse pointer in Starcraft 2 shreds randomly and then my mouse pointer is shredded even after I exit SC2, basically until I reset the mouse clicker is messed.

I talked to XFX support and they were useless. Now they want ME to pay to ship their 200$ defective product back to them while I sit without it, and MAYBE they'll fix it and/or send me a new one. Lifetime warranty....how useful.

I considered returning it but it is beyond the 30 days at Best Buy.

When I run the TV at 24fps through Catalyst Control Center (video card program) the red lines go away, but motion stutters badly, like skipping on a record.

I just updated the firmware on the TV and used the service menu to upgrade it to a 590, but neither thing changed anything. I did notice that as I decrease the contrast or brightness the red lines are less visible...but so is everything else.

I'm not sure whether it's the TV's fault or the Gfx card. Solve my mystery, I beg of you!
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Just an fyi changing refresh rate to 24hz should make everything skip. At that rate normal stuff on the pc will be pretty much useless. You would only want to set it like that for watching a movie.

As far as the card I can't help you much. Have you tried hooking up just the tv and not any monitor.

I have an xfx 5770 (reference cooler) running dual monitors and all is well.

If you never see those lines on the tv with any other source then it does seem to be the gpu.
The only difficulty is that the PC is my only source...I use it for everything. When I hook it up through VGA the lines are gone, but I don't have as many options for adjusting the picture and I have to re-adjust constantly to fit the videos to the screen.
What if you go hdmi to the tv with no other monitors?
Haven't tried that yet.

I will and then report back.
OMG.. never saw a display result like that one before
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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