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Using RADEON 4670 as secondary card, X800 pro as primary. Everything works, except video capture. Have to disable 4670 to allow video capture. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P M/B

Windows Media Encoder reports an error:


X800 supportS video capture. Works fine all by itself. Video capture and output. With both installed and windows outputting video to them both video output works fine, but video capture doesn't work.

I'm running them independantly. Turns out I don't have to disable the 4670, but I can't have windows use it if I want video capture to work on the X 800. I have found a workaround by creating 2 hardware profiles, one for video capture with all video directed to the X 800, and one where video capture doesn't work, with all video directed to the HD 4670, but I would prefer to be able to use them both at once.

A separate issue is the quality of video encoding when it does work. When I have just booted the quality is fine. But if I have surfed the internet or used excel, I get random green lines in the capture. This is true whether I am using Windows Media Encoder or the latest ( 9.16 ) ATI tv capture utility. I have tried using task manager to disable everything I can, but to no avail. I suspect that some part of Windows is using some resources, and not freeing them up.

Any ideas?

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