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I watched 13 hours last night and it was very confusing. I just sold my house so my Atmos addition is on hold as I will integrate it into my new home. I'm running 5.1 and when I chose the Atmos mix it sent the center channel info to the left rear?? If I chose DD on the disc menu channel placement was fine. I checked channel placement with test tone to be sure and it tested fine. WTF??

I read the Atmos disclaimer in the settings menu to try and see what was going on and it specifically says " Select this option for Dolby 7.1 True HD speaker configurations". Trying to figure this out I went into my AVM60 settings and turned the back channels on for 7.1 and sure enough this worked. So I had to watch the movie set to 7.1 but only with a 5.1 system just to get lossless audio.

I made sure the Anthem Atmos channels were set to off and expected it to downmix to 5.1 True HD. The whole time the movie played if I checked the info display on the Pre/Pro it said Atmos??

Shouldn't the AVM60 block Atmos if all the ceiling speakers are turned off?
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