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Problem that developed with Samsung LED TV

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The TV was purchased in July of 2011 its the new 55" LED 8000 series. A few weeks back my wife reported that there seemed to be a darker part of screen on very top.

We hadnt seen it again till yesterday when the top 1/2 of the screen looked darker and distorted in top right corner. It happened at end of day so I just turned it off.

This morning after about 1 hour of being on we noticed it again. In attempt to test if it was issue with STB or TV I tried TV input same issue and tried the blue ray player. The TV could not find the Blu Ray player. I decided to try moving the blu ray to a different HDMI and finally got the blu ray to be recognized and the TV seemed to be working just fine. I have called for service but they werent helpful and they said unless the see the issue there isnt much they can do. Now I am noticing that the bottom 1/8 is getting darker and than moves up to about 1/4 the display. Also noticing flickering of the Video.

Any ideas I have upgraded firmware etc. Should I just take it back??
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Originally Posted by spideync /forum/post/20813833

... Should I just take it back??

That's exactly what I would do, like immediately.

Originally Posted by arxaw /forum/post/20814609

That's exactly what I would do, like immediately.

I got it at hhgregg and just called them since its past the 14 day window they said I can not bring it back for replacement and need to deal with Samsung.
That's a sure enough crappy return policy. Buyer beware for sure.
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