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Problem turning on my PS3 40gb.

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This is my situation. I purchased two PS3's 80gb but due to fan noise decided they weren't acceptable to use as a blu ray player. I can hear the fans running from about 10 ft away after about 5 minutes of use. Both units function fine in all other respect and I really like the unit.

I decided that BC was not that big of an issue so I purchased the 40gb model. Its definitely quieter, not silent but its good enough to not be noticable from my sitting position when watching TV. The problem I have is the unit doesn't always turn on. All three units were hooked via HDMI to my Sony Bravia LCD. The two 80gb units would always turn on either from the remote or the button on the front of the unit and there would be no problem with the signal transmitting to the LCD via HDMI cable. With the 40gig unit, I can turn on the unit from sleep (red light turns green on front of unit) however, in many cases the LCD doesn't get a signal from the PS3. After this the unit seems to hang up since when I try turning the unit off from either the remote or the button on front of the unit, it doesn't turn off. I need to hit main power button on the back of the unit and then usually the unit starts with out a problem. After that it will work fine for a while, however, this problem alway comes back. I see no issues with operation, just with starting the unit. I thought it might be a firmware issue and reformatted the HDD, however, I believe the firmware must be on flash memory. Any ideas on how to correct this would be appreciatied. I would prefer not to have to return another unit, and this PS3 works fine in all other respects.

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To me it sounds like something is wrong with it. My 40Gb PS3 has nvever done what you are describing. As much as you might not what to return it, that sounds like your best bet would be to exchange it for a different one.
When you turn it off with the button on the front you have to hold it down for about three seconds. Then it will take a little bit of time to turn off. Not like when you power it on it just fires right up.

Maybe there is an issue with the HDMI? I would test all other scenerios before I return the unit. Hope it works out for you. It is a pain in the butt to have to keep running back to the store for returns when everyone already has a very hectic schedule.
I actually have a similar problem with mine as well except it crashes and locks up constantly,evenn when it's not even online and at the dash board interface.

also the unit is kind of lud compared to my brothers 80GB so i think i may have just bought a defective unit,and am returning mine as well tommorow.

everything else runs fine except for the constant crashing and locing up.can't be an overheating issue since there is plenty of space for it to breath.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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