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While trying to solve another tv problem, I plugged in my tv and the normal initial black screen was now all white. When there is no signal, typically a blue screen with "no signal" appears, this blue screen was white, but i could still see the "no signal" words bouncing around.

Later I noticed, I could still see the blue underneath all the white, slightly. By that I mean, even though the entire screen is white, I can tell when the screen turns from what's supposed to be a black screen to what's supposed to be a blue screen.

The menu still works perfectly over the white fog, the sound works fine.

After some tinkering I found that if i turn all the white levels (red green blue) down to zero the picuture comes in a little better, but all the blacks still look faded. This makes me believe that some how, the black settings have been set to like a permanent high where any dark colors look white.

I was testing this on a blu ray player home screen, the typical background is dark with some brightly colored fish, at first I could see the brightly colored fish on a white screen, then when i turned to white levels down I could see the intended picture but like i stated before, the blacks looked "faded"

Does anyone know what could have caused this and how I can fix it? It doesn't seem completely broken, seems like a connection issue but i've check all the connections between the video board and the control board and they seem fine, i even replaced one cable, but it didn't help. Thanks

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