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Hello forum participants,

I have a Vizio VSB202 soundbar that produces a frustrating problem for me. When I am watching a video through my computer, which is connected to my television via HDMI (it is plugged into the port labelled "2 ARC", although there are two other non-labelled HDMI ports and a fourth HDMI port labelled "DVI"), and then connected to my soundbar via optical cable, the volume frequently subdues to almost nothing for about a second and then quickly increases to normal volume in about another second. It is not abrupt, but rapid. In other words, I can actually hear the volume decreasing from in steps to nearly nothing, although those steps occur very quickly - the volume descends from loud to almost nothing in about a second, stays there for about another second or two, and then rapidly increases to the original volume.

It should be noted that I do not experience this problem when using the soundbar with my ordinary TV, which I receive through my cable box which connects to my television via HDMI.

Should I try a different HDMI port? What about soundar settings like "SRS Truvolume" and "SRS TruSurround HD" or "SRS WOW HD"? Should I turn these features on or off?

Thanks in advance.
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