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PROBLEM - Will my 12 AWG Speaker wire still work the same if connected to 20AWG?

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So i am setting up my home theater, and i bought these Sanus HTB7 Speaker Stands to accommodate the Energy Take Classic speakers I bought. The thing is that I also bought 12 AWG speaker wire to hook up the speakers, and that gauge doesn't fit the exit hole inside of the speaker stands.

I have some old 20 AWG speaker wire, I was wondering if I would experience a loss in quality if I connected the 12 AWG wire (from the receiver) to the 20 AWG wire at the base of the speaker stand, and then connected the 20 AWG wire to the speakers at the top (no more than 3-4 ft).

Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks!
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If you can't drill the hole out a bit, what you're suggesting will work just fine. Myself, I try to avoid extra connections, but that's just me.
a very short run of smaller wire will not seriously effect the system, however, if you are going to take the time to splice in smaller wire to fit the speaker stands....please spend $5 and get the largest wire that will fit into the stands. 16 ga. should work, or even single conductor 14 ga. hook up (from rat shack) wire without the fat outer insulation, just a thin PVC outer insulation cover (the outer insulation has absolutely no effect on the current carrying capability of the wire). 20 ga. is awfully small stuff !!!!!
Take the 12ga, strip it at that one end, and cut off some of the strands of wire on that side until it's small enough.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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