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Problem with comcast hd box

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Hello there need help...

I have comcast box with dvi input and component input don't know exactly what model but this is the problem.

Currently I have the hd box connected via component directly to my projector

everything is fine, picture is great with hd signals however I just bought a receiver Onkyo 705 and with 3 hdmi input and 1 output to my projector.

so I bought a hdmi/dvi cable to connect from hd box (dvi) to my Onkyo 705 hdmi in and hdmi out to my projector. But when I tried it at first I would get a picture in just a bit then the warning comes out saying that my set top box is not design for hd repeater something like that so I called comcast and was told that due to copyright their hd box should only be connected direct to my projector that if I do a coonection like cable box to receiver and then to my projector it won't work due to copyright issue.

Is there a way around this? I really would like to connect my hd box to my receiver and then to my projector....please help I don't know if there are any options.

Are there universal hd cable box out there that can produce signals from comcast broadcasting?


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