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Hey guys. First off: Im sry if this thread is in the wrong forum.

Secondly: i bought a dune base 3d today and im trying to install Zappiti on it. Everything works just fine until im about to make my usb stick to my system storage. Ive been "googling" all night long and the only thing i can find is on this site.

Anyways, i follow everything step by step and when i try to open dune_service_init_system_storage.dsf on my dune i get this error: Unsupported product... The .dsl file is 2kb small...

Im currently using firmware:140223_0133_b8... My usb stick is a Verbatim 8gb formated into NTFS. (Ive tried FAT32 aswell).. I would really appreciate some help !

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