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Can't seem to get a full signal from the HD cable box through the rec'r. I am using a DVI-HDMI cable. Input is set to HDMI on rec'r, which shows on the rec'r screen in red that it is there, but the picture flashes the HD signal has been compromised. The box works fine with a DVI -HDMI cable direct to the projector and I tried 2 new cables to the rec'r and the same happens on both. I tried the cables on a cable box to a Hd TV upstairs and they work fine. Is there something I am missing in the rec'r setup for the cable box. I have a Blu-Ray & a HD -player hooked up through the rec'r and both work fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

or is there an issue with using DVI- to HDMI on the rec'r?

Tks Dave
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