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Problem with HDMI switch and Comcast Box

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I have an HDMI switch from Monoprice (model#HDX-201E) with an Oppo DVD player and Comcast HD box (Motorolla DCT 6200) hooked up to it. The cable box is hooked up using a DVI to HDMI cable. The switch is then hooked up to my front projector (pretty basic setup).

I am having problems with the cable box when I switch from input 1 (the input the cable box is hooked up to) to input 2 when I watch a DVD. The cable box is somehow getting a reboot signal from the switch and then goes into some kind of download loop where it tries to reset itself but can never finish. It fixes itself immediately when I put the switch back onto input 1.

I've tried changing the inputs of the box and DVD player but the same thing happens if the cable box in on input 2 and I switch to input 1.

A useless call into Comcast basically left me with a "we only support a cable box to TV hookup. We can't help you with the setup you have using a switch". Apparently, I am the only person in the entire world who uses some type of video switch so Comcast has no idea how to help or if this is a common problem.

Can anyone here tell me if there is a setting I am missing on my cable box or if this problem is common? Or could my switch be bad? To me, it sounds like a signal issue where the switch is somehow interfering with the direct antenna line going into the cable box. If I disconnect the box from the switch (i.e. simply pull out the DVI/HDMI cable) there is no issue with the cable box.

Any ideas?

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Looks like I may have answered my own question after reading through the the 70 pages on the Motoralla 6200 post here. It appears that the firmware on my box does not support HDMI switches. Pain in the a**!!!!!!!! Why do I keep turning down those offers from Direct TV?!?!?!
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