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i have a problem with Imon and PDVD9.

when i play a blu ray in PDVD9 ultra and Imon manager is running then i have a horrible stutter and no sound.

then i found out that when i close imon manager that the problem is gone.

then i can play blu ray without any problem.

but then i have no remote.

i didn't try this with a dvd or from HDD yet.

before i found this out i reinstalled PDVD9 without the latest update.

recently i also updated imon manager.

i did not went back to the previous version of imon as i don't feel like messing around with this again.

i didn't use PDVD9 ultra for the last 3,5 months until today.

is there anybody with the same problem?

does anybody know's what the problem might be and how i can fix this?

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