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Hello Everyone,

I purchased a Sharp LC-40C45U LCD Aquos display about 3 years ago from Costco. The display is working great and I have virtually no complaints regarding the quality of the picture. There is one problem though.

Up until a couple of months ago I've been noticing some odd behavior with the Input Source window (the window that appears when changing the input e.g. Input 1 , Input 2, etc..), it has been randomly displaying when I'm using the display to watch tv, a dvd or my HDMI videos. It doesn't matter what input it's set on, it just starts flashing. It doesn't interfere with the movie too much but it can be a bit annoying at times.

My Question:

I purchased a newer model for my son and noticed it has the ability to update firmware via a USB stick and some software. I don't see a USB port on my model. What would a service technician have used to update the firmware on my model (LC-40C45U). Is there some sort of hidden data port? Does it even have that capability?
Any insight would greatly be appreciated.

- Chiques
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