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Dear friends, I'm having a problem with watching BR's through inputs 1 and 2 on the VisionHDP. Last week I finished watching a movie, then started to watch one of the extras. Got a phone call, stopped Blu-Ray PS-3. When I came back a few minutes later, the BR wouldn't start(no picture). I ejected the BR, shut off, then restarted the PS-3. No picture at all, though I could hear the PS-3 start-up music. Tried several reboots, no picture. Switched to input 4 for satellite, worked fine. Back to input 1, no picture. Bought new cables, tried replacing and switching them all, no picture on input one. Switched to output 2 (with a corresponding switch to input 2 for BR input). This time I got a flickering and disappearing picture of the PS-3 intro. Lots of green lines running horizontally. Flickering was so bad if I didn't know what the screen looked like I probably couldn't have read it. Finally inserted a BR and after a few (10-30) seconds movie started ok! But after ejecting BR and trying again with a different BR, no video.

One of my problems in trying to diagnose this is that periodically I will make some changes in the setup in either PS-3 or Lumagen when I hear something on the forums (AVS). I can't remember any specific change that I haven't reset and rebooted and tried again.

I have tried several things, narrowed it down to Lumagen inputs 1 and 2. Direct from PS-3 to JVC works fine; then direct from Denon to JVC works fine. Add in the HDP and doesn't work for input 1 and 2 (sometimes 2 works after inserting BR but PS-3 intro extreme flickering). Tried new HDMI-DVI cables from Denon to HDP, no luck. Had set the PS-3 to output max 1080p about a couple of days before this started happening (took a year to discover that I needed to hit the right arrow key after selecting 1080p- I just kept hitting x to enter it and it left me with 1080i!!!) I reset PS-3 to max 1080i but it didn't help (Does it make a difference that I have all possible outputs from 1080i and lower checked? Or should I have only one output 1080i or 1080p selected?). About the time trouble started I had changed the deinterlacing mode from auto1 to auto2, both for SD and HD. Changed that back yesterday but didn't help. The EDID is set to DFLT.

It seems if I want to play a BR I have to use input 2, ignore the PS-3 severe intro flickering and just insert BR. Wait and see if starts in 15-30 seconds. If I want to watch second BR my limited experience with this problem is that I have to shut everything down, wait for projector to cool (I think!) and then restart everything. Annoying and never had this problem for last 2 years.

SETUP for BR: PS-3 into Denon 2309CI into Lumagen HDP into JVC RS-1. HDP output set at 1080p24 (I believe, not at home right now). Set up for 2.35 output res with a fixed anamorphic lens. Never used genlock but tried it briefly recently and then went back to OFF.

Should I try a factory reset? Or any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.
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