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I have a problem with multichannel audio on my Asus P5N7A-VM. I have connected it to my surround receiver (Sony STR-DA2400ES) with an HDMI cable and I get brilliant picture on my Sony 40W3000 (connected to the receiver with HDMI, of course) and decent quality stereo sound on my sound system (from both VLC and Winamp).

The problem is that when I try to play a multichannel file (AC3, Dolby Digital or whatever), I get a stuttering sound. It sounds like it repeats 2-3/10th of a second of sound over and over again for 2-3 seconds, and then it repeats a new part in the same way, and this continues all the time. The picture is perfect all the time.

I have had the same behaviour with all file formats I have tried (avi, mkv and img-files) and I consistently get the same behaviour.

I can see on the Sony-receiver that it does detect the Dolby 5.1 sound (it shows 3/2.1, but so it does with DVD movies played with the Xbox), but it just sounds crap. Dolby 5.1 sound works fine on my sound system when I use my old Xbox (Classic!) connected thru component input to the TV and optical out to the receiver.

My computer configuration:

Intel E7300 2.66GHz (default)

Corsair 4GB PC6400 XMS2 XTREME

WD GP 1TB HD (EADS with 32MB cache, quick, cool running and silent!)

Asus P5N7A-VM

Windows XP SP3 (English)

VLC version 0.9.8a

My home cinema:

Sony STR-DA2400ES surround receiver

KEF KHT2005-2 speakers (5 sp+sub)

Xbox Classic

I have updated the BIOS from 0404 to 0407, and I have the latest Asus drivers for the chipset (20.08). I have also updated the Nvidia High Definition Audio driver to from Nvidias home page, but with no result.

I haven't tried playing DVDs thru the computer since I've heard computers generally suck at playing back DVDs (but so does the old Xbox, I have to admit) and I don't have any player to try with, but I guess I would have the same problem there. I think this is a driver problem, but I could be wrong. I've looked in the forum here and on Google but haven't found anyone with a problem like mine.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Any ideas?

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Hi all,

I found the solution myself (or actually, thru a swedish forum).

Under "Settings" and "Audio", by setting "Output" to "Win32 waveOut extension output" multichannel sound works!

Does anyone know how to know if this is "bitstreamed" to the receiver or sent as PCM? The receiver displays "Dolby Digital 3/2.1", as it does with the Xbox plating DVDs. When playing back stereo sound, it says "LINEAR PCM" instead.
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