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Problem with my 52" RCA CRT RP

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So I've had my RCA 52w20 for a few months now and something has happened just recently.

I have had a DVD player running s-video into the vid1 input on the back of the TV. It always worked fine. Just recently the DVDs seem to have "stretched" vertically, cutting off heads/tops of heads and some of the bottom picture. If I go into the TV menu, I can choose "autoformat" and it will fix it, but with autoformat periodically throughout a DVD.

Now, I have a 2nd s-video input vid2. When I run the DVD through that input, the picture is perfect without setting it to autoformat. No stretch or distortion of any kind.

The same thing happens when I run my PS2 s-video out to vid1, it gets stretched. When it runs to vid2 it's fine.

Anyone have ANY idea what could be happening?

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Please excuse this if it is obvious, but have you manually "zoomed" the input by accident?

While the remote is in "tv" mode, if you press the left and right arrows on the remote, you can change the aspect ratio of the video source. When all the way to the left, the screen is 4:3. Pushing the right arrow moves from 4:3 to 14:9 to 16:9 to ZOOM 16:9 to 16:9 up/down to Cinerama to Stretch. Pushing the left arrow on the remote will take you back down the list.\\\\\\

Make sure the remote is in TV mode (press the "tv" button) before you try changing the aspect ratio (if the remote is not in TV mode, it will not do anything).

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