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Alright I'll post these pics and you tell me what you think, should I

A. Scream really loud at the TV hoping they'll go away

B. Throw a rock at the Television and scream obscenities at the Lord

C. Give it a few days and see if it gets better

D. Try to get a new one right away...


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it's called 'clouding' and also 'flashlighting' when it's from the corners shaped light a flashlight beam.

these screen uniformity issues are more common than not for LCDs. the severity, and one's willingness to accept or not imperfections, determine what you want to do about it.

most will tell you to start by turning down the backlight and see if that minimizes the problem to a point that it is acceptable to you.

in the end, you can call sony support, explain the situation and get a tech to come out, who may agree that it is severe and replace the panel, which may resolve the issue.

if the set is within your return window, you can also return/exchange it for perhaps a more uniform panel.

as you can see, all the above 'solutions' come with qualifiers.

i suggest you search this forum with the above keywords and read away this weekend before deciding what you might want to do monday.

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