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Problem with my pt-ax100u?

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Hi i got my projector about a week agoa and I am very please with it except for one thing. It seems that the image gets brighter then dimmer while its on. I have even tried a still image and it does the same thing as a moving image. So I thought maybe it was the dynamic iris or the light harmonizer but I turned both of them off and it still was doing this. It does this on all imputs wether it be my pc,360,ps3, or wii. Does anyone think they know what the problem might be? There are about 20hrs on the bulb. Its a problem that is not extremly noticable but its annoying none-the-less, I want it to work like it should....any help would be great thanks.
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Is this in eco-mode? If yes then change it to normal. That gets rid of the flicker for me. Also I keep it in high altitude to keep things cooler.
Yea its in eco-mode I'll try normal and see what that does. I also have it in high altitude mode to keep it cooler. Thanks for the help Ill let you know if this takes care of the problem when I get home.
I notice this on my AE900u when it's on certain still/paused images. I haven't bothered tracking down the reason, because it stops when there is a moving image.

Thanks for the info on the Eco-mode. If this ever annoys me too much, I will try using that.
Was this issue every resolved? I believe I have the same issue...I have a little over 300 hours on the lamp and it's just starting to do this.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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