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Problem with Philips 34PW9817 ??

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Sorry, I posted this to the wrong section...

Hello All! Just got a refurbed 34PW9817 yesterday. And first impressions: wow. Very nice. I only had two problems with it:

1) There is a slight scratch/scuff on the screen. Does anyone know a good way to remove this. Its about 1/4 inch in diameter.

2) Only when playing Progressive stuff on my dvd player, I get funny roundish lines on the bottom of the screen. I've set up the tv with Video Essentials already. The lines are most apparent when black/gray is displayed. Kinda looks like a finger print. I took a picture (see attached):

I've tried switching DVD players, that didn't work. It also does not show up when using the svideo cable.

Any thoughts? Thanks a million!
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Sorry - I can't answer your question. I'm new to this stuff myself. However your post interested me because I'm shopping for a t.v. right now and the Philips 30PW9818 is one of the models I'm looking at seriously. How do you think Philips compares with Panasonic for HDTVs? Also, what is this 'Video Essentials' thing you mention? Sounds like a way (a DVD, CD) to calibrate or test a televsion? Thanks.
Looks like a Moire pattern. I don't know how to tell you how to fix it though other than tweaking brightness, contrast, etc. Try a search here or on google, or maybe the video essentials dvd has some information on how to minimize it. Good luck.

Then is it 'normal' or something the can be fixed under warrenty you think? Thanks :)
Look at this page:


Unfortunately their server is down, but if you search on google and find that link you can bring up a cached version of the page. It's hard to say for sure if your posted picture is showing moire, but the fingerprint description sounds like it. From what that page says, it is controllable to an extent by reducing sharpness.

Is it normal? I don't see it on my 34PW9846, but I doubt our settings are the same. Is it fixable under warranty? I'd guess not, but Philips would know for sure. It's at least worth a phone call...

There's also a yahoo group at:


with some moire threads.

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Update!! I got it. It involved going into the Service Menu and adjusting the V Alignment. If anyone has any questions, please email me.
[email protected]

Thanks for all the help. Now to remove that pesky scratch

I also had the moire pattern with my dvd...I was able to fix it with help from Philips HDTV forum on yahoo...here is the text:

"I own the 9817 and I've seen these moire patterns as well. All the

34PW9817s have that flaw but curiously, the 30-inch model doesn't.

It's actually very easy to fix this. Philips will tell you they are

not aware of the problem and will not give you any kind of fix. You

need to go to the service menu to take care of this issue:

To get into service mode on your TV, press the digits (in order) 0 6

2 5 9 6 followed by the (i+) key. It doesn't matter what input you

are on, and it doesn't matter if you change channels. However, since

you want to correct the image seen when watching progressive scan

movies, you need to make sure you stay on Input 4 after service mode

comes up. To do this, go to Input 4, and instead of typing 062596,

add a 6 (or any number greater than 1) to the beginning, so you will

be typing 6 0 6 2 5 9 6 (i+). That way the TV won't try to change to

channel 06 or 062 while you're typing in your numbers.

To exit service mode, you can hit menu.

Now you're in service mode. Move down one at a time until the puck


on ALIGNMENTS. Then move over to the right until you get to Geo-Nor.


Scroll down and look at the various values that are available for

adjustment. Write down your values for:

VAmp (size picture vertically)

Reduce the value of that setting and notice that as you do this, the

picture "squeezes" vertically and the moire patterns disappear.

To save the new value, go back up to Geo-Nor and then back left to

Alignments, then go down to Store Options and push the OK button of

your remote. You can exit the Service menu by pushing the Menu button.

Note that changing Vamp on Geo-Nor means that this value will be

changed for all screen settings (4:3, widescreen, automatic, etc.).

If you want to change only the widescreen setting, then go to Geo-SW.

I don't know if you are an experienced tweaker or not but in any

case, I advise you not to change any values if you don't know what

the corresponding parameter does. Geometry settings should not cause

major problems if you mess up but there are other settings that

could..."................................................... ........................................

This fix worked for me...Give it a shot......


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