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I just got this player. It has problems right out ofthe box

1) Battery does not take a charge. Ok, needs new battery. Not too worried about that.

2) Power button on player does not work.

3) It does not record as advertised. For example (page 33 of manual), you are supposed to be able to schedule a recording. Well, you can select "REC", but there's NO option to schedule recording! I can only record instantly, or to whatever channel I am currently listening to for a length of time. Say, channel 100 for 2 hours. And it doesn't stop itself with the timer either.

4) There is NO program guide, as advertised (page 36 of manual). It says to select "options" and then "View programs." There is NO "view program" when you hit options!

This is very frustrating. I called XM (got it from them direct), and they were clueless. Before I call Pioneer, any have any experience similar to me?

The firmware is version 1.18.


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