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Refurbished Vizio VO47L

Hooked up from both a PS3 and a VIP622 (dish network HD- DVR)via HDMI into a sony STR-DG710.

The problem is blue horizontal lines appear, flashing very quickly accross the screen at intervals of 2 to 10 seconds. see pictures and video below

The odd part is, It only will start doing it under certain circumstances, after the lines start then it will do it always until something is reset.

Example, i can watch a whole blu-ray with out any lines on the PS3, I can play GTA4 on the PS3 for hours with no lines. I can also watch the HD theater for hours with no lines.

However, if i pause the PS3 in a game or movie, or pause the VIP622, or watch one of the music channels (like sirius or the CD channels, black background) or play littlebigplanet on ps3(only game that has done it) within 20 minutes the lines appear.

Other rambling facts/notes:

-The lines are identical from ps3 to vip622.

-After the lines appear, then any channel, any situation the flickering lines will continue.

-turning the VIZIO or the sony receiver, or the ps3 off and back on temporarily remedys the problem, but only for a short while.

-Also switching the sony STR-DG710 from the vip622 to the ps3 and back to the vip622 will stop the lines for a few minutes up to and hour.

-A hard reset of the vizio with make the lines go away for approx 8 hours.

-Lastly and maybe most confusing, I have been unable to duplicate these lines if the ps3 or vip622 is directly connected to the TV via HDMI (as in bypassing the HDMI sony receiver).

(This originally made me think it was the sony receiver, but why would a hard reset on the vizio affect it? why would pausing or not pausing effect it if it was the sony receiver? BTW, the receiver has been used for 14 months with 2 other tvs in identical setups [sharp and olevia] and never had any problems unitl about 6 hours after I first plugged it into the VIZIO)

I called vizio, and fully explained the problem and all the details. the pretty much gave be scripted, they dont know whats going on answers.

They offered to replace the TV with another refurb.

What do you guys think? i dont ave another receiver to try, but will if the new tv has the problem obviously.

An lastly, i though i had read on here there is a law the if a company sends out 3 broken item, after 3 returns, they most replace it with a different comparable model? is that true?


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