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Problem With WD USB Drive Working w/Iview DVR

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Every time I get one of these WD USB external drives I have a problem getting it to work with my Iview DVR OTA. Usually I can get it to work after formatting it on the computer and on the DVR but it is not working this time.

When I do the format on the DVR it will see the drive and even record shows. I can play it back on the DVR, but when I connect it to the computer to edit out commercials I get a message the drive was corrupt and needs to be formatted. Other times after getting the DVR to see the drive I will turn it off and try to get it to do a program record and it reports there is no disk even though it recorded earlier.

This is the my passport drive the 2Tb. I have a 1 Tb my passport drive and it works fine with the DVR. Why one will work and not the other is beyond, me. I have had this happen to me before with other WD external drives, and I had to sent them back for a replacement. Usually the replacement will work. Why ... I don't know, if anyone has an idea what is going on please post.

Thanks for reading my post.:nerd::serious:
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