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Hi forum

For some odd reason, I can't get WinDVD audio filter to work correctly with my PC at all. I have the latest version of WinDVD Platinum, which was downloaded from Intervideo website. The Audigy's surround mixer is set to 5.1 mode and speaker mode in Windows multimedia properties is set to 5.1 as well. Last but not least, WinDVD audio filter is set to 6 speaker.

Here comes the problem. No matter what and how I tried. The 5.1 audio seems to be misaligned, in other words, the sound that is supposed to be for left channel comes from center speaker... the sound that is supposed to be for center channel comes from right speaker and so on. This problem doesn't occur when I use WinDVD itself to play DVD. Additionally, PowerDVD XP works correctly. It happens only with Zoomplayer and WinDVD audio filter.

I tried to use WinDVD Tweaker in filter only mode to tweak the settings, but I guess I was out of luck. I even tried to uninstall, delete registry settings and re-install WinDVD, unfortunately the issue still remains.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. :confused:

My system:

P4 2.4 GHz

512 MB of RAM

Sound Blaster Audigy with the latest driver (5.1 mode)

ATI Radeon 9000 with the latest Catalyst driver

WinDVD Platinum

Thank you in advance for your help and your time.

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