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I just got the RX-V1800 receiver the other day. It's great, but I'm having a problem with it detecting Dolby digital from my xbox 360 via hdmi audio.

It's actually very weird. If I turn on the RX-V1800 with any other component (ps3, dvr, etc), all devices recognize dolby digital correctly on the receiver. But, when I turn on the system with the xbox 360, the yamaha doesn't detect the dolby digital signal coming from the xbox. Here's the weirdest part - if I start by turning on the xbox 360 and then switch components, the receiver doesn't detect digital from the other components either. it's like the xbox 360 audio signal temporarily "corrupts" the receiver, such that the receiver can't recognize audio properly from any other source!

When the error is happening, the receiver just sees PCM audio (not dolby digital). Has anyone seen this issue before? I'm thinking it's probably not a problem with the xbox, and may just be related to other hdmi signals interfering with the receiver controls.
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