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Problem with XTZ 12.17 Edge

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Hello guys, i bought the Xtz 12.17 Edge and i can see it has no output from it whatever i play.
The sub switches on, it accepts the LFE signal ( the light turns green ) and when i increase the volume it just gives out a rumbling effect and no bass or whatsoever. There is no kind of thump or punch, it has no output.
Now i changed all kind of settings, setting the crossovers and i can hear the humming sound while testing but nothing in movies or music. The sound just falls flat.
Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you 馃檪
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Test it with your phone, or other device you can hook up to the red and white inputs (be sure the crossover is set all the way up). If you still just get a droning sound, I would contact XTC for a replacement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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