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Problem with Yamaha DVD-C750

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Hello everyone. This is my first post.

I've been reading these forums for a while now and have based most of my buying decisions on what I've read. So, after reading the review of the Yamaha

C750 on Audioholics and all the threads I could find I decided to give this unit a try.

I am more interested in sound quality than video and when I read that this unit

sounded almost as good as the Denon 2910 for a lot less money it seemed the way to go.

Well after listening to it for 5 days and loving it I found a problem I can't accept.

When I popped in a Neil Young DVD-A (my favorite artist) the machine locked up.

This is why I replaced my Pioneer 563 and 578 with the Samsung 841. But the Samsung had the DTS drop out. I tried two Neil Young DVD-A's with both locking up the machine. I had to unplug it to get it to reset. When I put in another disc it was fine.

So, it looks like I will be returning this unit tomorrow and will probably get the 2910. Unfortunately, my local Tweeter didn't have the Yamaha set up in a listening room although the 2910 is. Think I will bring along some Neil Young

when I go back.
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I've owned a C750 for a few weeks now. I don't own any Neil Young DVD-A but haven't experienced anything like this so far with the few DVD-A titles I do own (ELP, The Band, Lawrence Juber).

Did you contact Yamaha support? They were responsive when I had questions regarding the unit.


Sounds like it might need a firmware upgrade. Which is exactly what the fix was for the 563 and 578 you returned. After I had the firmware upgraded on my 563, it played the NY disk flawlessly, I was without the player for a few days and of course it was all covered under warranty, in fact Pioneer has a 3 year coverage on firmware upgrades IIRC.
I'll see what Yamaha has to say about this issue and if there is a firmware update available.
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