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I hope this is the correct spot to ask this...

Since a month we have a Yamaha RX-V577 with the KEF E305 serie boxes. Sound is just perfect! No problems there.
The RX-V577 has several HDMI in and we have connected the set top box and a media player (Eminent 7280) to the HDMI-ins and an out to the television. Watching television with the set top box works like a charm.
With the media player however are problems... The Eminent is connected to the network (cable) and can connect to a NAS (Synology). On this NAS are series and movies. For really good movies we connect a projector (Asus H5360). When we watch a movie (series mostly work) it looks like the Yahama lost connection with the Eminent sometimes; The display of the Yahama changes (some "icons" and names disappear) and the projector is searching for the source.
Also, sometimes the image of the movie flickers (image and sound stops for a second or two). The Yamaha acts the same as described above.

It all worked the same without the Yamaha.

So, my question is: What can cause this problem? The Yamaha or the Eminent (or something completely different)?

Thanks in advance.
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