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Hi people!

I'm new in this forum...so sorry if this is not the right part of the forum to ask...

I've some problems...since i've bought my new htpc....This is the config...

- Ati 5750, drivers 10.2. and using ATI hd audio drivers (not realtek)

- av rerceiver: onkyo 507

- software: poer dvd9 (latest), windvd 2010, latest version too, and tmt 3 also latest.

- win 7 32 bits

- ac3 filter

- ffdshow

- haali media splitter

- I´ve an ati 5750 which supposely can bitstream HD audios, but....with tmt 3, when I change to Hd audio the tmt crashes down...

- building an iso with imgburn and mounting with virtual clone drive: power dvd9 says disc not compatible. In some spanish forums (Hdcity.es and hdspain.com), somepeople, making the iso in vista can play it in win 7..but i can't...

- Windvd 2010 can play the iso created in win 7...but in the screen of the av receiver...only appears "dts"...while the software says "dts hd"

With all this info...the problem comes from the configuration...but i don't now how to solve it...the htpc was bought in Dcember in till now i can only play bluray from a disc...but the iso's, and the bly ray folders....Could someone help me?

Thank you!

EDIT: newest release of tmt3 works perfectly, if using power dvd, there's an structure of the bluray, that has to be follow...if a folder doesn't exist, just create it. this is the structure














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