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Problems getting Harmony 890 to work with Motorola DCH3416

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Recently bought a Harmony 890 and went through setup. Perfectly controls my TV and Receiver, however it does nothing with my Motorola DCH 3416 dvr from RCN.

Even did the troubleshooting where it asked to learn the signal from the RCN remote, and that did not help either.

Furthermore, RCN customer service is useless. Logitech customer service states that I need to have the "Infrared setting" turned on the DVR and that it is often shut off from the factory. Yet, they give no advice on how to go about doing this and RCN provides no manuals or help. Google searches have been useless.

Help! If i can't get this to work, I may have to send it back which will be horrible!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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