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Problems Playing Video in Interlaced Resolutions

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Hey there,

I am currently running a Crescendo Systems TCP2200 transcoder with my 6800GT to a Toshiba 42H83 RPTV HDTV. I have no problems getting 1080i timings to display on my tv, but any time I try to play back a video only a portion of the video will display (Almost appears as if a section of the video is zoomed on). When in progressive scan resolutions (480p / 720p) video playback appears to be fine... One thing I did notice is that I am able to get fullscreen video to work when using Media Player Classic, but FFDShow doesn't appear to enable with Media Player Classic when watching DVD movies (It does enable on divx / xvid clips though). I have tried using zoom player with a few different codecs (NV4 primarily) and have had no luck. I get the same exact thing when using WMP 10 and when using NVDVD player. I also run RitzDVB and have the same exact problem when running NV4 codec or when running my Nexus S card in hardware mode. I have tried totally uninstalling my drivers and have tried several different driver sets (including some of the newer beta sets). It makes no difference in Zoom Player if I have FFDShow enabled or disabled... Anyone have any ideas? Here are my specs:

Motherboard: Asus K8VSE-Deluxe

CPU: A64 3200+ New Castle

Memory: 1GB Corsair XMS PC3200 C2

HDD: (2) 74GB Raptors

Video: EVGA GF 6800GT (stock core / mem)

OS: Windows XP PRO SP2

Video Drivers: Currently running 61.77

Resolutoin: 1776x1000i (absolutely NO overscan)

Using onboard sound

Running latest version of powerstrip

Is this a known issue? I google searched and searched on these forums with no luck... Once again I can get video to work fine when in progressive scan, but my TV looks best with 1080i when dealing with video (it takes 720p and does its own upconversoin resulting in a somewhat blurry image). It just seems like some strange video overlay issue.... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Best regards,

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