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Picked it up on craigslist for little to nothing hoping it would be a decent upgrade from my Samsung HTIB.

Searched, but didn't find anything too similar to this problem, lmk if there's a simalar thread.

Well the reciever powers up and the display works just fine, but it goes into protect mode(shuts off and standby light continues blinking) after about 4 seconds. During that 4 seconds I can use any function button just fine, but there is no sound from the speakers at all. I did clear/reset the default settings, but still no luck

I'm trying to use my speakers from my Sammy HTIB, they're 6ohm 80watt satellites. I took the cover off, the boards not burnt up anywhere, fuses are good(the ones i can visibly see), and theirs no shorts on the speaker terminals. Currently I have FL and FR hooked up on Speakers A, and Video 1 hooked to a small DVD player.

I need a proper way to test this thing:

Do I need different speakers to pull enough power for it to even start working?

Should I be able to clear/reset to defaults and power it up w/o having speakers wired up at all?

Any other things would be great for a way for me to get this working. If anyone knows anything internal about it that would be fine too, I do a little low voltage work myself so I'm used to small electronics and checking parts of the boards and circuitry won't be a problem.

If it is dead, I may just have to suck it up and grab a new reciever, but if I can get this thing to work, it would be nice.

Thank you in advance,

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