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Hi guys. I'm new to the HDTV world and I am having problems with my new Sony Bravia 32M4000. A couple of problems, one of which might be my cable box (Time Warner) one of which I know is the tv.

First, the sound. There is a hiss at any level above 0. It's not that loud but I have pretty sensitive ears and it is driving me kind of crazy. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of this in the settings? I've heard other people having this, if I exchange the TV will I not get the hiss or do all these Bravia's have that?

Second, the picture when I'm playing XBOX is great. But with my cable box something is off. There is this white line on the sides of the pictures and on standard def pictures there are like squiggly lines. I think it is my cable box but I thought maybe there is something in the settings I should be messing around with to fix this? I have an HDTV (non DVR) box from Time Warner/Scientific Atlanta.

Thanks! I appreciate it. This is so much hassle I just wished it worked.
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