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problems with a Samsung TXR3064WX 26" CRT HDTV

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I bought this older CRT set about 3 months ago and ive been having a few problems recently with it, i was wondering if you guys could give me a hand. I searched the forums and FAQS first of course and i could not find the answers to my questions.

First, whenever i run my Xbox 360 in 1080i mode the screen is too stretched out on the left hand side, so some HUDS and Menu's i cant see all the way or even text. I can get into the Service Menu and someone said i need to fix the "Overscan" but im not 100% sure how to fix that, is there an online menu to help me with that? or even guide? or does anyone know of the right settings to change?

Second, Once again, when i run my 360 in 1080i mode, which it is running through Component Cables i get a black scrolling line across the screen. Ive heard so many different answers for this, may it be, "Ground Loops Hum", "Bad Cables", "Bad 360". Does anyone know any experience with this? If i put the resolution in 480p, i dont get it, but back in 1080i it does it again. My tv doesnt support 720p so i cant go that route and sometimes, just sometimes it doesnt do it at all. But its kinda a pain when im trying to watch an HD-DVD movie and got a faint black line scrolling from left to right that is vertical.

Thanks again for the help, i appreciate it.
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bump? the scrolling line issue is fixed but the text is still off like on my cable box and 360. kinda starting to piss me off, there isnt a site with the correct Service Menu codes for my TV out there?
Try the Direct view (single tube) CRT area and you will get more response, this area is for CRT projectors.

I have a Samsung TX-R3265 and if I remember right I enter the service menu by pushing "mute" "1" "8" "2" on the remote with the TV off.




I used a digital camera and took pictures of all service menu pages before I changed anything.

Search the single tube area and you can find specific instructions for geometry and overscan.

Good luck.
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