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Problems with Artisan DVDs

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I just tried to play the Artisan Home Entertainment issue of Young at Heart (1954, Sinatra & Day). The DVD player could not play the DVD, and I could neither eject it nor turn the DVD player off. Had to unplug it and wait 30 sec to get the DVD player to restart and eject.

Another Artisan DVD with major problems is The Quiet Man, whose PQ is worse than on VHS tape, which I didn't think was possible. After surfing the AVSforum, here's a list of other Artisan DVDs that are reported to have poor PQ or other problems:

1. Capricorn One

2. Reservoir Dogs SE

3. Highlander

4. The Last Emperor

5. Dirty Dancing UE

My Artisan copy of Stargate UE is just so-so as far as PQ and audio. I'm planning to avoid anything with the Artisan label from now on. Does anyone have any other Artisan titles to be added to my Avoid List? Are there any Artisan titles whose quality you're happy with?
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I've gone through 3 canadian copies of The Butterfly Effect that all mess up at the same point. I then got a USA version and it works pefectly... I also had a similar problem with Fight Club, the second disc wouldn't play properly. The discs had "MADE IN CANADA" on them. I bought one on ebay that hasn't got "MADE IN CANDADA" on the discs and it works perfectly.
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