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Problems with DVR and audio authority 1154A

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I have purchased an Audio Authority 1154A component switch to help manage my multiple component devices. All of my devices work flawlessly, with the exception of my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HD DVR. The picture is really fuzzy and washed out. I have done the following:

1) Replaced the cable which connects the DVR to the switch

2) Powered everything down and then back up

3) Tried all ports on the switch - every one had the same results

It reminds me of the type of picture that you get when you hook up a DVD player to a VCR, and then to a TV. At least that is how my low end DVD player looked.

Am I going to be force to plug the DVR directly into the TV?


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This is a known issue with the Scientific Atlantic 8300. I haven't posted here before so I can't post any links but I'll cut and paste what I have read:

The problem is that the 8300HD has direct coupled outputs (in other words, there is a DC component in them) and the Audio Authority switch has direct coupled inputs. The switch is solid state and the DC level from the 8300 screws the switch up. Fortunately, Audio Authority offers a $15 accesssory, contains 3 coupling capacitors to keep the DC out of their switch.
I found the following on the Audio Authority web site:

Model 1182 DC Blocker

Some AV sources allow DC voltage to be present in the component video output signal; this can cause performance problems with other devices. The 1182 passively removes DC from the video signal.

The 1182 is designed to solve DC problems related to the Scientific Atlanta SA8300 digital cable box. It will NOT solve DC problems related to the Dish Network 622 and other related receivers - use the 1183 for that application.
A Model 1181 or 1182 DC blocker seems to have fixed this problem for people in the past. I couldn't find the 1181 DC blocker on the Audio Authority site so I am unsure if they still sell that model.
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Thanks, cj43 - you took the words right out of my mouth.

Indeed, the DC issue is a known one with some switchers, distribution systems, or even televisions when connected to the SA8300.

The 1181 was a cheap, mid-term solution when we first discovered the problem. It didn't even have a hard case, and was basically a board covered in a shrink-vinyl type covering.

The 1182 is the piece you need. Don't get the 1183 - it's for a different DC/termination problem (with Dish Network's new sat. receivers.)

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Can I ask a different question about my 1154A?

I have 3 devices connected: xbox360 on ch.1, PS2 (slim) on ch.2, xbox on ch.3. They are all connected with Component video and both analog and optical audio.

The problem: It randomly switches to ch.2 for about a second, then back to whatever source is actually turned on. It even ignores the priority, and will switch from ch.1 in the middle of a game.

I thought it was something with the PS2, but its still doing it even after disconnecting all the ch.2 connections.

Is it a bum box, or is there something i can do to stop this?

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