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I have two real problems
smaller problem

A) HDMI audio losses sync when there is no audio output, wich means the first part of any sound gets cut off when the audio is detected by the reciever, or for system alert sounds often are completely muted.

Bigger Problem

B) I just can't get blu-ray to playback smoothly. With hardware acceleration enabled CPU use is low, but I get some stuttering, wich also causes audio dropouts wich then take a little longer to sync back up. If I disable HA then the 2.5ghz is overwhelmed and CPU usage pegs. I've played with the drivers some, and now I believe I actually have is smooth, but flashing green. WTF.

Okay so I just installed the mobo last nite

Here is full build

Athlon X2 4800+ (2.5ghz w/ 512K)

Gigabyte GA-M78SM-S2H (gf8200 based)

Wintec 2GB DDR2 800

lite-on DH401S blu-ray latest firmware

WD 750GB caviar green

Fresh install on Vista 32bit

AV Equipment

Onkyo SR705

Toshiba 42RV530

connection is HDMI through the reciever to the tv.

drivers, software

forceware 175.19 and 174.74 at different times

mobo driver 18.11

HDMI driver

powerDVD 8 Ultra (latest patch)

Arcsoft TMT trial (latest patch)

Gigabyte doesn't seem to have an new bios's or really and drivers that are newer or different than nvidia's.
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