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Hi guys,

1st time posting but have been lurking for awhile.I've had DirecTV's PVR receivers for a couple of years now without any issues except for the other day.I was watching the New Orleans golf that I had taped when I noticed that the picture was jittery every couple of seconds

especially watching somebody putting,Ie.The ball will be rolling but it wasn't rolling naturally ,it was very choppy.

I put on regular TV and again the picture was jittery.I switched out the HDMI cable,checked the connections on back of the PVR to make sure everything was nice & tight,especially the b-bands and everything was good.It was noticeably jittery when watching ESPN and the

draft when they would scroll names at the bottom of the screen.

The picture on the tv was great,no lip synching issues just the annoying stuttering which is driving me nuts.

Anybody have any ideas as to what the problem might be??


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