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The problem I'm having started about 2 weeks ago. After windows starts and I start using the mouse, the pointer doesn't move smoothly, it's sluggish and after a few seconds of trying to make it move, the wireless mouse and keyboard freeze. After that, I have no option but to reboot the pc because I have no way to control it.

I also have a regular keyboard connected to the computer but that is useless as well once the pc is frozen.

The batteries in the mouse were replaced recently so I don't think that's the problem. I take the batteries out of the mouse every night so that they last longer.

I also opened up the mouse and removed the ball inside to clean it up.

I went to the intel website to look for updated drivers but the only new drivers are for windows 2000 or XP. I have windows 98 (with AMD 1Ghz chip and 256MB of RAM).

I don't know what to check or do. It's becoming pretty annoying. Any suggestions?

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Is this USB or PS2 hookup? Have you tried a regular PS2 mouse? Have you tried to boot first with PS2 mouse and then hot plug USB wireless mouse in later? I know these are generic recommendations but I have no idea :)

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Huey: The Intel wireless products are USB. The base actually is the only device that connects to the PC through a USB port. It then receives the 900Mhz signals from the other devices like the mouse, keyboard or gamepad.

Has anyone had this problem with these products?

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I've had some lockups with mine using Windows 2000, usually b/c the mouse's batteries die. When that happens, I plug in a PS2 mouse and reboot. Sometimes I can replace the batteries and get it working again, but not always. The mouse really does eat batteries, a problem that's been chronicled here before. I've gone to rechargeables, but I may take your approach and remove them after each use.

I also get a message each time I boot -- "Unable to Access HID Device". I think its related to the software that I loaded when I installed the keyboard and mouse. Apparently, much of its functionality (i.e., the "Human Interface Device" stuff) is not available under Windows 2000.

It may be possible to install two sets of keyboards and mice under Win98. That way you'll have a backup when the Intel stuff quits working. Just a thought; don't even know if its possible.

Good luck.

- Ken

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I run 2 mice with Win98: one in PS2 (regular mouse) and one in serial port (Microsoft Big Ball Kid mouse). This way I can help my 3 y/o to click on things while she play games.

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A useful clean install/reinstall manual procedure below that has help me to clear random problems on my system.


Subject: Intel(R) Technical Support

Hello xxxx,

Per our phone conversation, below are the instructions for a "clean

install" (completely remove the product and then reinstall) If you have

any trouble with the steps below, feel free to contact me again. Also,

please note that these instructions are valid for Windows* 98, Windows* 98

SE, and Windows* ME. If you are using a different operating system,

contact me again for further options. Please include your case number of

xxxxxx if you need to reply

1. Remove all Wired or Wireless entries from Add/Remove Programs.

2. Unplug the base station from USB and Power.

3. In the \\windows\\inf\\other\\ directory, delete all .INF, .CAB and .CAT

files that belong to Wired or Wireless devices, including entries

beginning with:






4. In the \\windows\\inf\\ directory, delete all file that begin with


5. In \\windows\\system32\\drivers, delete all files that begin with HID*.*

and WINGS*.*

6. In \\windows\\system, delete FAMILY.CPL

7. Delete the directory \\windows\\inteldev\\

8. In the system registry:

9 Click on Start, Run and type in regedit. Make the following

modifications to your registry:

A. Browse to Hkey_Local_Machine and then Enum.

B. Remove the HID key branching off of ENUM

C. Click the plus next to USB and check each item branching off of

it. Delete all items that pertain to wired or wireless peripherals. This

information can be found on the Right-hand window pane.

D. Browse to the key for \\HKey_Local_Machine\\software\\intel\\ and

delete \\intel peripherals\\ and any other key specific to the peripherals

devices, if present

E. Browse to

\\HKey_Local_Machine\\system\\currentcontrolset\\services\\c lass and do the


-delete the \\hid key and the \\wings key

-check the \\mouse key and delete any wired or wireless items

if present

-check the \\keyboard key and delete any wired or wireless

items if present

-check the \\usb key and delete any wired or wireless items

if present

NOTE: The registry editor is a powerful tool which requires precision when

making modifications. There is no method of automatically undoing

mistakes. If you do not feel comfortable performing these steps you may

want to have someone perform them for you. Intel is not responsible for

errors made by the user during modification of the registry.

If you would prefer to speak with Technical Support to have them walk you

through these steps, please see the information below.

The phone number for Intel(R) Technical Support is 916-377-7000. Hours of

operation are: 10am-8pm Monday-Friday 9am-2pm on Saturday These hours are

Pacific Daylight Time.

10. Replace the hiddev.inf file from the Windows* CD:

If you have Windows* 98 or Windows* 98 SE:

A. Insert your Windows* CD.

B. Click on Start, Run, type in SFC, and then click OK.

C. Place the black dot next to "Extract one file from


D. Enter hiddev.inf into the space provided and click


E. Enter C:\\Windows\\INF into the save file in field.

F. Enter X:\\win98 into the restore from field where X is

the letter of your CD-ROM drive.

G. Click OK. If you are prompted to back up the file, do


H. Reboot

If you have Windows* ME:

A. Click on Start, Run, type in MSCONFIG, and click OK.

B. Click on Extract File.

C. Enter hiddev.inf into the field and click Start.

D. Insert your Windows* ME CD and then enter Z:\\Win9x where

Z is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.

E. Enter C:\\Windows\\INF into the save file in field. Click


G. Reboot.

10. Please disable any background applications you may be running. Click

on Start, Run, type in MSCONFIG and click OK. Place the black dot next to

selective startup. Remove the check from Load Startup Group Items and

click Apply and then OK. Reboot.

11. After Rebooting, press CTRL, ALT, and Delete keys simultaneously.

End task each item in this list except for Explorer.

12. Open My Computer, C:\\, Windows, and then Temp. click on Edit and

choose select all. Click on File and choose delete. Agree to send all

the files to the recycle bin. Note: Be certain that you are in the

C:\\Windows\\Temp folder before doing so.

13. Install the software as indicated in the software guide.


Intel(R) Technical Support

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The smoothness problem could be 900 mhz interference (eg. your neighbor's cordless phone) or battery issues (a weak battery may mean a weak signal, which may mean more interference - I'm guessing). My batteries never seem to last long - especially the mouse, and so I use rechargeables and have spares ready. I'd also recommend upgrading to W2K if you can - erradicated some of my system lock-up problems. Have a regular mouse connected permanently - your reboot issues with detecting the mouse may go. And the device re-install suggestion can't do any harm. Regular cleaning of the crud that builds up on the wheels may help smoothness (eg. with a Q-TIP or something), as well as the ball itself - with warm soapy water - really!

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I bought a gyromouse for $40 on ebay to complement the

Intel setup (the entire kit sells for 100USD up here... base, kb,

mouse, *and* gamepad). The gyromouse is a far better mouse,

and has a charger built in (it uses a phone battery).


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Wow...that clean re-install procedure sure is lengthy. I guess I'll give that a try.

But first I'll replace the batteries just to make sure that that is not causing the problem. It shouldn't be because I only use the computer for a couple of hours every night and like I said, I remove the batteries from the mouse once I'm done. And I just put in these batteries a few weeks ago.

I know some people contacted Intel about the problem with the batteries. Does anyone know if there's a fix for that? What is Intel doing about it?

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What Intel is doing about it is geting out of the consumer electronics business and concentrating on making integrated circuits. You can expect no further help from Intel. Those of us that bought the fine keyboard and lousy mouse are being left out in the cold, a little wiser perhaps...
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